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Circus Playset


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“Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, get ready for ‘The Greatest Show on Earth!"

A fun wooden circus set for lots of imaginative play: 

Compact and portable as it has a carry handle so you can take it on any adventure.

Place all the figurines be placed back in the circus for storage and travel. 



  • 1 wooden portable circus set (door can open and closed)
  • 2 wooden trapeze board holders
  • 1 wooden horse
  • 1 wooden trapeze board
  • 1 wooden balance board
  • 1 wooden ring of fire
  • 1 wooden tiger
  • 1 wooden lion
  • 1 wooden cycling monkey
  • 1 wooden ringmaster
  • 1 wooden elephant

23 cm L x 18.8cm H x 10.5cm D