Guardian Angels



This Guardian Angel is approximately 17 cm high, has a white feather dress, beads that adorn the crocheted 3d-wings, as well as a matching pendant. High-end silver coated copper wire is used in the wings – to ensure that the Guardian Angel can be exposed to more humid indoor climates without turning matte. A Guardian Angel is meant to last very long, true to its’ name.

All the Guardian Angels come with the same name tag, where it says: ‘I am a Karoo Angel, and I have many different names, given to me by people all over the world. That is because I am a Guardian Angel.’

The story begins with a small craft project in a tiny and remote village in the beautiful Baviaans area of the Karoo semi-desert in South Africa. The name of the village is Vondeling, the craft project takes the name Vondeling Optel Craft, and the year is 2006. More than 10 years later the Karoo Angels tell a story about how small feather and wire angels, 100% made by hand, could dazzle and charm thousands of people all around the world, and put a forgotten village and forgotten people back on the map once again.