Sammy the Comfort Puppy



A Weighted Soothing Four-Legged Friend

Sammys favorite thing to do is the entire world is to give hugs n snuggle and to be your bestfriend that you can tell all your secrets too. He gives his most special hugs in the middle of the night when the lights go out and loves to be hugged while he sleeps. 

He is extremely well behaved and won't nip, bark or squirm when anyone wants to play or cuddle. With a slightly weighted body and legs, Sammy's hugs provide comfort, plus he can "sit" and "stay" exactly where you want.

If you think your the right buddy for Sammy come and get wont regret having Sammy in your home.

Made from premium plush fur, he's super soft, super squishy and super snuggly. Sammy comes in his own beige cotton travel pouch, meaning he can go with you everywhere, even sleepovers and vacations. Kids will adore this soothing canine friend, and he's also the perfect gift for a child who needs reassurance when away from home or parents. Sammy will never be short of cuddles and hugs!

Sammy's Pouch Reads: "My Comfort Puppy: Keep this puppy with you for a comforting hug. Hold Sammy tight to feel calm and snug. Sammy can soothe your worries when I'm not there. Just give this puppy a cuddle anywhere."

  • Plush weighted sensory toy in cotton travel pouch
  • Made from Polyester
  • Size: 23cm x 28cm x 25cm
  • Weight: 580g
  • Suitable for all ages 0+years
  • Cold hand wash in mild detergent